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Seattle is a beautiful city. Known for its spectacular views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains, Seattle is also known as one of the most bike-friendly cities in America. With all those bikes on the road, you need to be sure your bike is well protected with a quality lock and that you are prepared in the case you need a locksmith. Blue Sky Locksmith has been providing motorcycle locksmith services since 1978! Our company’s technicians are trained professionals who can help you no matter what type of locks or keys you have. If you are looking for someone who can provide motorcycle locksmith services in Seattle, look no further than Blue Sky Locksmith!

Blue Sky started out as a small unlocking service for people in downtown Seattle, Washington. Since then, Blue Sky has evolved into a full-service locksmith service specializing in any problems you may have with your motorcycle locks, keys, or ignition. Our team is excellent and we pride ourselves on our training. Our locksmiths are licensed, insured and certified. We have everything we need to make sure all your locksmith and security concerns are taken care of.

Our motorcycle locksmiths are available for all of your needs, from key cutting to installation to repairs. Do you need locksmith services for your motorcycle, scooter or moped? Then you have come to the right place. Our professional technicians will be there in no time with the right equipment and expertise, so nothing can stop you on two wheels. Trust us and you can rest assured your bike will be safe!

If you are looking for quality locks, keys, or security systems to keep your bike safe, our experts can help. We have the knowledge and skills to ensure that all of these needs are met. We are a locksmith that delivers motorcycle services. We are trained to service any make or model, and we provide all the parts you need. It is important to use licensed professionals like us for safety reasons, as untrained employees can undermine your security, damage your motorcycle lock, or provide inferior products. Our staff has years of experience in their field, so you know when it’s time for maintenance on our motorcycles, everything will be handled properly with care by certified experts who have an understanding of how these machines work inside and out.

If you have lost your keys or need a new one, the solution is actually very simple. It just takes a little time and effort, which is something we can easily provide. We work with all types of motorcycle locks, handles, and ignition keys so you can rest assured that we have what it takes to fix your problem.

Key Duplication Services

Motorcycle Key Duplication

If you need a replacement for your motorcycle keys, our mobile locksmith can get to you quickly and make a completely new set of keys on the spot. We also have the ability to duplicate any lost or damaged motorcycle key in your possession with precision, so it will be just as good or better than the original. Our locksmith technicians can help you find the right set of keys to suit your needs.

Motorcycle Key Programming

There are many locksmiths in the United States that specialize in motorcycles, but not all of them can program keys. This requires special skills and tools, which you may have to search for online or ask around your area until someone comes forward who has what you need. Our motorcycle service is available anywhere in Seattle when it’s time to replace an ignition key, reprogram, fix a broken lock cylinder on the gas cap (which often goes unnoticed), or install remote start systems in new motorcycles.

Thanks to our amazing mobile technicians, you’ll never have to make a detour again just so we can program your car key for you. Plus, you’ll save a ton of money when you choose us because our prices are extremely affordable – not to mention how convenient it is.

Motorcycle lock repair and replacement

Motorcycle locks are an often overlooked aspect of maintaining these vehicles. It’s important to get your motorcycle repaired if you notice the key getting stuck or not turning properly, as this can be a symptom of corrosion from exposure to the elements and excessive heat – which can cause the metal to expand unevenly over time. If left unaddressed, lock malfunctions make it impossible for riders (and their passengers) to safely start motorcycles without help from service professionals like our team at Blue Sky. We have experience with all types of motorcycle locks – including storage locks and gas tank locks – so come see us today for quality replacements installed by experts who know what they are doing, right here in town.

Key extracts from motorcycle ignitions

If you have a problem with a motorcycle key pullout, our locksmiths are here for you. They will be there quickly to help you with all your concerns. With 24-hour customer service available for emergencies of any kind, we make sure they are there any time, any day, when you need them most!

The moment something goes wrong with your motorcycle because the ignition switch is faulty, one call could save hoursof trying to pull it out yourself to no avail. Our team at Blue Sky can come over right away in this case and provide assistance so you can get back on the road as soon as possible!

Our motorcycle team is highly trained in handling your locksmith needs. We can help with stuck keys located in often hard to get places:

  • Ignitions
  • Tank locks
  • Storage boxes

Motorcycle keys and locks may seem like a minor issue, but it can quickly turn into something much more serious. Sometimes the lock breaks down due to dirt or rust, so you’ll need to have your key removed before replacing it with an even newer one made of stronger metal for durability and security. We stock all sorts of motorcycle-related products for just such an eventuality. After pulling your stuck key out of your motorcycle’s ignition switch, you may feel relieved knowing our expert service is available during the repair process. We are fast , efficient and affordable in order to get your bike back on the road as fast as possible.

We service all motorcycles

Our team of expert locksmiths is prepared to handle all motorcycle lock and security issues, no matter what vehicle it is. We work with all manufacturers: Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, Harley Davidson, and BMW among many others to get you back on your motorcycle as quickly as possible! They are prepared to handle all issues with ignition locks at the roadside.

Motorcycle Lock

Locks for your motorcycle

We also specialize in helping you chose the correct locks for your motorcycle. We have a wide range of locks;

  • Folding locks
  • Chained locks
  • Studded locks
  • Anti-theft chains

Why should you get good motorcycle locks? If you want to secure your motorcycle from thieves, then you need to get premium motorcycle safety lock with anti trick features. A good motorcycle security will protect your bike from theft and vandalism. The best thing about these types of security is that they are secured by high-security features to make them strong enough against the thief attacks. Let us help you choose the best locks for your motorcycle!

If you are in the Seattle area and need a locksmith, Blue Sky Locksmith is here to help. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all your automotive needs. We are committed to providing 100% of our lock and key solutions throughout Seattle, Everett, Tacoma, and more!

If you live in the area we serve, but are not sure if your location qualifies for assistance – just give us a call. We often make on-site adjustments so that all people who need help can get it quickly. Let us know your location so we can try to find someone in the same area. Many of our services, such as car lockouts, come with flat rates, meaning you do not pay any additional fees on top of what is already charged. The only caveat here is if you are outside of the service areas where an additional fee will apply, as this would require a little more time and fuel cost from one of our locksmiths who live closer to than you.

From key extraction from motorcycle ignitions to lock repairs or replacements, we have it all covered! Our team of experts will come to your location at no extra charge, even on nights and weekends, or handle your inquiries over the phone. Whether you drive a car or a motorcycle, we are here when you need us most – call (206) 659-6115 today!