12 Different Types of Keys – Quick Guide By Blue Sky Locksmith

12 Different Types of Keys

12 Different Types of Keys

Keys are an essential component of our daily lives. They keep our homes, offices, and vehicles secure, and ensure that we have access to the places and things we need. But did you know that there are 12 different types of keys? Each type of key has its own unique features and functions that make it suitable for specific purposes. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unlock the mystery of the 12 different types of keys and provide you with the information you need to choose the right one for your needs. So let’s get into it! 

1. Double-sided or Four-sided Key

Double-sided or four-sided keys are the most common types of keys. They have teeth on both sides or on all four sides of the key. They are used for a variety of applications, including home and office locks, padlocks, and car ignitions. Double-sided keys are more secure than single-sided keys, as they require a specific key to open the lock.

2. VAT Keys

Vehicle Anti-Theft (VAT) keys are used in newer cars to prevent theft. They have a computer chip in the head of the key that communicates with the car’s security system. If the chip is not recognized by the car, it will not start. VAT keys are more secure than traditional car keys, as they are difficult to duplicate.

3. Skeleton Key

Skeleton keys are an older type of key that were used in older homes and buildings. They have a simple design and can be used to open a variety of locks. Skeleton keys are no longer in use in modern homes and buildings, as they are not secure.

4. Valet Key

Valet keys are used in cars to give someone limited access to the car. They are often used by valets at hotels or restaurants. Valet keys usually only allow the car to be driven a short distance and cannot open the trunk or glove compartment.

5. Keycard Key

Keycard keys are used in hotels and businesses to grant access to specific areas. The keycard is swiped through a reader, and the door unlocks if the keycard is authorized. Keycard keys are more secure than traditional keys, as they can be programmed to only allow access to specific areas.

6. Tubular Key

Tubular keys are used in vending machines and coin-operated devices. They have a cylindrical shape with teeth on the end of the key. Tubular keys are more secure than traditional keys, as they are difficult to duplicate.

7. Padlock Key

Padlock keys are used to open padlocks. They are usually small and simple in design. Padlock keys are more secure than combination padlocks, as they require a specific key to open.

8. Paracentric Key

Paracentric keys are used in high-security locks. They have a unique shape that makes them difficult to duplicate. Paracentric keys are often used in prisons, government buildings, and other high-security areas.

9. Abloy Key

Abloy keys are used in high-security locks. They have a unique design that makes them difficult to duplicate. Abloy keys are often used in government buildings, banks, and other high-security areas.

10. Magnetic Key

Magnetic keys, also known as magnetic stripe keys, are commonly used for hotel rooms and other similar applications. These keys have a magnetic stripe on them that is used to activate the lock mechanism. Magnetic keys are easy to use and are relatively secure since they cannot be duplicated without proper equipment. However, they can be vulnerable to demagnetization, which can render them useless.

11. Smart Car Key

Smart car keys, also known as transponder keys, are used to start and unlock modern vehicles. These keys are equipped with a microchip that communicates with the vehicle’s immobilizer system to allow the engine to start. Smart car keys are secure and cannot be easily duplicated. However, they can be expensive to replace if lost or damaged.

12. Diary Key

Diary keys are small, decorative keys that are used to lock diaries, journals, and other small boxes. These keys are often made of brass and have intricate designs on them. Diary keys are not very secure and can be easily picked or opened with other tools. They are mainly used for aesthetic purposes and to add a sense of privacy to personal belongings.

Bonus: Coin-operated Key

Coin-operated keys are used to activate coin-operated machines, such as vending machines and arcade games. These keys are usually flat and have a unique shape that fits into the coin slot of the machine. Coin-operated keys are not very secure and can be easily duplicated or picked. However, they are convenient for businesses that want to control access to their machines.


In conclusion, there are many different types of keys available for various purposes. Each key has its unique features and level of security. It is important to choose the right key for the intended purpose and to use it responsibly to ensure maximum security. If you are in need of a new key or are experiencing issues with your locks then call Blue Sky Locksmith in Seattle. 

Locksmith In West Seattle



Looking for a locksmith in West Seattle? Maybe for your home, business, or automotive needs?

Below are some of our locksmith services that Bluesky Locksmith provides right here in West Seattle.

Residential Locksmith Services in West Seattle

As a homeowner, your top priority is to keep your family and belongings safe and secure. However, locks can wear out over time, keys can get lost or stolen, and break-ins can happen when you least expect them. This is where a professional residential locksmith in West Seattle can help.

Bluesky Locksmith offers a range of residential locksmith services to help you protect your home and family. Our services include lock repair, rekeying, lock installation, key duplication, and more. Whether you need a new lock installed, an existing lock repaired, or your keys replaced, our team of expert locksmiths can provide prompt and reliable service.

Some common residential locksmith issues include:

  • Broken or damaged locks: If your lock is damaged or broken, it’s important to get it repaired or replaced as soon as possible to prevent unauthorized access to your home.
  • Lost or stolen keys: If you’ve lost your keys or had them stolen, we can rekey your locks to prevent unauthorized access. We can also replace your keys with new ones.
  • Moving into a new home: If you’ve recently moved into a new home, it’s a good idea to have your locks rekeyed or replaced to ensure that previous owners or tenants don’t have access to your home.
  • Upgrading your home security: If you’re looking to upgrade your home security, we can install high-security locks, deadbolts, and other advanced security systems.

By hiring a local residential locksmith like Bluesky Locksmith in West Seattle, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is secure and your family is safe

Commercial Locksmith Services

Business owners have a responsibility to keep their employees, customers, and assets safe and secure. This is where commercial locksmith services in West Seattle come in.

At Bluesky Locksmith, we offer a range of commercial locksmith services to help businesses protect their property and assets. Our services include access control systems, master key systems, high-security locks, and more. We can also install and repair door closers, panic bars, and other commercial-grade hardware.

Some common commercial locksmith issues include:

  • Lost keys or access control cards: If an employee loses their key or access control card, we can rekey or replace the locks or access control systems to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Upgrading your business security: If you’re looking to upgrade your business security, we can install high-security locks, access control systems, and other advanced security measures to keep your business safe.
  • Broken locks or hardware: If your locks or hardware are broken or damaged, we can repair or replace them to keep your business secure.

By hiring a professional commercial locksmith like Bluesky Locksmith, you can ensure that your business is protected against theft, vandalism, and other security threats.

Seattle Locksmith

Emergency Locksmith Services

Lock-related emergencies can happen at any time, day or night. Whether you’re locked out of your home, car, or business, or you’ve experienced a break-in, you need a reliable emergency locksmith in West Seattle that you can count on.

At Bluesky Locksmith, we offer 24/7 emergency locksmith services to help you when you need it most. Our team of expert locksmiths can quickly respond to your call and provide prompt and reliable service.

Some common lock-related emergencies that we can help you with include:

  • Lockouts: If you’re locked out of your home, car, or business, we can help you gain access quickly and safely.
  • Broken key extraction: If your key has broken off in the lock, we can extract the broken key and repair or replace the lock if necessary.
  • Burglary or vandalism: If you’ve experienced a break-in or vandalism, we can secure your property by repairing or replacing your locks and restoring your peace of mind.

By having a trusted emergency locksmith like Bluesky Locksmith on speed dial, you can have peace of mind knowing that help is just a phone call away.

Bluesky Seattle Locksmith

Choosing the Right Locksmith in Seattle

When it comes to choosing a locksmith in West Seattle, it’s important to do your research and choose a trustworthy and reliable locksmith that you can count on.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right locksmith in West Seattle:

  • Check credentials: Make sure that the locksmith you choose is licensed, insured, and bonded. This will ensure that you’re working with a professional locksmith who has the necessary training and expertise.
  • Read reviews: Look for reviews and testimonials from past customers to see what their experiences were like. This can give you an idea of the quality of service you can expect.
  • Ask for referrals: Ask friends, family members, or colleagues for referrals to a trusted locksmith in West Seattle.
  • Choose a local locksmith: Choosing a local locksmith like Bluesky Locksmith in Seattle WA. has many benefits, including faster response times, personalized service, and a deeper understanding of the area.

By following these tips, you can choose a locksmith in West Seattle that you can trust with your home, business, and security needs.


Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, locksmith services are essential for keeping your property and assets safe and secure. At Bluesky Locksmith, we offer a range of residential, commercial, and emergency locksmith services in West Seattle to help you with all your lock-related needs.

By choosing a trusted and reliable locksmith like Bluesky Locksmith, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property and assets are protected. Contact us today to schedule your locksmith service in West Seattle.








Seattle Local Locksmith

Seattle Locksmith
Locksmith at his work bench

Are you searching for a suitable locksmith service provider that can help you address different situations? Well, Blue Sky Locksmith service is an excellent recommendation for you to consider. The Emerald City might have tonnes to offer for its residents, but challenges are sometimes unexpected.

The key to navigating through such issues is to ensure you can get professional help when required. We know the challenges that you come across with different types of locks, and this is why our professionals can help.

Services Offered In Seattle WA

There are various types of services that Blue Sky Commercial Service can provide, including:

Mobile Locksmith Services

The mobile service category refers to the Seattle locksmith professionals who offer help in lockout emergencies. Once you call, we shall send the team to your location and provide various locksmith solutions. Expect the following services from this category of our services:

  • 24 Hour Lockouts: these refer to the company’s services all day long. Usually, it involves a team that works in shifts, and there is a flat-rate fee regardless of the time of day you need the services.
  • Car key replacements refer to the replacement approaches that a locksmith can use to replace any lost car keys. The company will only need a few details about your car’s make and the structure of car locks.
  • Ignitions: we also have a team of highly experienced mechanics who can help address ignition repair and replacement. The ignition replacements can occur for different cars, trucks, and motorbikes.
  • Lock installation: the lock installation service is when you need new locks for your car or business. Choosing the right type might be a hassle, but we have highly trained professionals to help with this process.
  • Lock rekey: we also have a team of highly competent professionals who can help with crucial maintenance and repair procedures. We might have to perform a property analysis process to determine whether the lock is replaceable.

Automotive Locksmith Services

We also provide various services in the automotive category. Having worked on multiple similar projects, we know what it takes to handle almost any crucial replacement issue. Below are some of the services we offer in this category:

  • Car key replacement: we can help you replace any lost car keys, including a unique creation process. We also give you additional spare keys as a contingency plan for any lost keys.
  • Ignition service: we can also handle ignition replacements, and we have an extensive record of such products. Our mobile team arrives at your location fast to provide your required ignition service.

Residential Locksmith Services

We have a diverse team of professionals who can help you handle residential key replacement or maintenance goals. Each solution we provide comes from hundreds of hours of research and experience with property owners. The services we provide in this category include:

  • Lock services: these include the services that help ensure you receive high-quality keys that make your property safe. The locks we provide also help improve the market value of your property.
  • Security services: our diverse team will also provide security services and solutions. These can include CCTV cameras, biometric and high-end residential lock systems.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Our portfolio of services also extends to the commercial field of services. Our services are diverse and include the following categories:

  • Business unlocking services: we have a team available to help you address any lock complications affecting your business. We can even provide consultation services on the best lock solutions you should choose for your business.
  • Electric locks: we also have a team of professionals who can provide modernized and high-quality locks for your business. These solutions come from the immense experience we have in dealing with security locks.
  • Biometric locks: include customized locks that use your biological data to access the property. We constantly update our portfolio or biometric locks to include modern and high-quality solutions.
  • Security cameras: cameras are excellent solutions you can use to enforce the security goals of your business. We can provide high-quality security cameras that take your business security goals to the next level.

Benefits of Our Seattle Locksmith Services

We know you are now wondering about the specific value proposition we provide to our consumers, right? The guide below should provide helpful information about the benefits you should expect:

Professional Staff Members

The team of professionals in our company must handle all your needs professionally. It includes how these professionals handle your data and delicate items such as personal keys. We only allow controlled access to these records, so your information is always safe. Our projects are also only complete when you approve of the final result. Our team is diverse and includes professionals with competencies in various mechanical fields.

Fast Responses

Response times are essential in providing customers with high-quality and professional services. We know of the immense value you have in a locksmith service that can respond to customer requests fast. Because of this, we have a team available to respond to your phone calls or queries on a 24-hour basis.

Cutting Edge Locksmith Solutions

The locksmith field evolves constantly, and our facility constantly reinvents to keep up with these changes. Doing this is crucial in the quality of our client’s services or solutions. We provide locksmith solutions from hundreds of hours of research and consultation with different industries. We also have resources such as modernized foundry and graphic design software. Our team uses these solutions as an essential part of creating new keys and locksmith products.

Satisfaction Guarantees

Every locksmith service that we provide comes with satisfaction guarantees. Our projects are only complete when you are satisfied with the quality of the results. We shall also provide a follow-up service to determine whether our solutions are holding up well. Or, you can also call us if you have any questions or concerns. All our products are available with warranties, and we have a guarantee for longevity.

Affordable Pricing

While we are in the business of providing cutting-edge locksmith solutions, we also have pocket-friendly pricing packages. Our company can offer competitive prices because of the immense experience we have in this industry. An ideal way to gain more insight into our pricing packages is to contact the customer support team. We can even provide free quotations for choosing a suitable locksmith service for your needs.

Contact Details

We know the value you place behind contacting a locksmith service conveniently. While we may not have a physical address, we have various avenues through which you can contact us. We are also looking forward to getting your feedback about the service and how we can improve. We are available for consultation through various contact platforms, including:

As you have noticed, we are a professional and reliable locksmith service that can help you address various challenges. The solutions we provide come from our work with multiple clients in the past. We are also constantly reinventing our portfolio of services, so you always find a reasonable solution for your needs. Contact us a call today for more information. 

Best Locksmith in Seattle Washington

Best Locksmith in Seattle Washington

Best Locksmith in Seattle Washington

Locksmiths have an important job: we’re the people who send out keys for you to use wherever you are. You might not realize it, but locksmithing is an incredibly complicated skill. This is because there are many different types of locks, and each one has a different lock technology that’s not just easy to pick but also hard to defend against. You probably don’t think about it too much, but you have to be careful to ensure that the locksmith you hire is on the up and up. In this article, we’ll teach you how to find the best locksmith in Seattle WA. and what to look for when talking to a locksmith.

How to Find the Best Locksmith in Seattle WA.

Often, we get our locksmith needs from friends and family. They might have had bad experiences before, and that can make it hard to find a good locksmith. So how do you find the best locksmith in Seattle WA.?  

1. Look at your need.

Keys break, keypads wear out, and sometimes you can’t get into your home or car. Something like this should be a red flag that you need to hire a locksmith right away. If you’re in one of these situations, then it’s time to call up a locksmith and see what they can do for you. The sooner you have someone working on your home or car, the sooner that problem will disappear.

2. Call around.

You’ll likely find that a different locksmith will take over. That’s okay because you’ll want to compare them in in Seattle WA. and determine how they are different. Do they offer the same services as your last locksmith? If you’re in a rush and don’t want to wait around, you can always call back another company. That way, you can figure out who’s on top of their game in your neighborhood before settling on a certain company.

3. Talk to friends and family.

We don’t mean that you need to call more locksmiths and ask them for recommendations! You can also ask local locksmiths what they recommend or do some research online. It’s not always perfect, but it will give you a good idea of exactly the best locksmith in Seattle WA.

4. Compare prices.

You’ll also want to compare prices on a variety of services, as well as different companies that provide the same service. You’ll want to make sure that the prices are low enough for you. It’s better to be safe than…well, screwed up.

5. Get expert advice.

One of the most important things to look for when talking to a locksmith is evaluation and advice. Don’t hire anyone who doesn’t have a BA or similar degree in a relevant field, as they might not be able to give you the best help. For example, a locksmith with experience with electronic systems won’t help you with your old mechanical lock. It might also be a good idea to get some feedback from people who have used the locksmith in the past.

6. Be sure you know everything about the job.

This means that you should ask questions about how much it will cost, how long it will take, what needs to be done, etc. Some locksmiths will try to rush you through the process, and this might seem like a good thing at first until you realize that they’re trying to rip you off.

It also means that you should get a good idea of what the job entails and what kind of work will be done. If you don’t have a good list of questions, it’s not a good idea to move forward.

7. Get a second opinion.

Most locksmiths know that you might be a bit skeptical, so they’ll try to hide the cost and make it sound like what you’re getting is more than it is. With that said, you should do everything in your power to find out exactly what the job will cost once the work has been done. This means going over to a friend’s house or asking around for feedback on the price.

8. Get a contract.

If you don’t want to be stuck with this job for years, you can always get a contract for the locksmith you’re hiring. This will make things stickier if they decide to rip you off by making it seem like it’s more than it is. You’ll also have an easier time getting your money back if they don’t do the work as promised.

Locksmith at his work bench

What to Look for When Talking to a Locksmith

You’ll want to consider many different factors when discussing the best locksmith with your friends, family, or close associates.

1. Price.

You shouldn’t just look at the price alone. You’ll want to look at maintenance as well and make sure that they won’t try to rip you off in the long run by charging more than necessary. You should also have a good idea of what the job will entail and how long it will take.

2. Warranty.

You might also want to invest in a warranty here, as that can offer you some peace of mind if anything goes wrong. Some locksmiths might even offer overcharge protection, which is something to look out for if you’re in a hurry!

If you’re not in a hurry and can wait around, it’s probably okay to say no and try to negotiate on price first. In the end, it’s your money, and you should always go for the best deals possible.

3. Services.

You want to ensure that you’re getting more than just a locksmith. It’s not uncommon for somebody to just come over, open up the door, and leave without really doing anything at all to it. You want to make sure that they will change everything and do what needs to be done to work again.

4. Knowledge in Seattle WA..

Even if you’ve been using the same Seattle locksmith for a while, it will be hard to hire them again if they don’t know Seattle WA. well enough. If they’re not familiar with your neighborhood, then you’re wasting your time and money! You should also make sure that you get someone who knows their way around the area in which you live.

5. Experience.

Most locksmiths try to make it seem like they have experience and great knowledge of their profession. You can tell the difference once you compare their resume with the actual work they’ve done in the past. If they appear to have little experience or don’t even list their experience, then it might be time to find something else!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are a lot of factors that you should consider when deciding on who to call for your locksmith needs. In most cases, you’ll want to make a quick call and compare prices before hiring someone from the beginning. However, if you’re in a hurry, you can always give us a call here at Blue Sky Locksmith at (206) 659-6115

Emergency Locksmith Seattle WA Services

Emergency Locksmith

Emergency Locksmith Services

Seattle Emergency Locksmith Services

Locks are not a topic people sit around and discuss. We use our locks and go about the day without giving them a second thought. That is until the locks stop performing appropriately. When locks malfunction, it leaves us vulnerable to many risks and creates tons of stress and frustration. Cars will not crank, doors will not lock, and businesses lose productivity when lock mishaps occur. Luckily, BlueSky Locksmith can help.

Our 24-hour emergency locksmith service offers help for all your lock issues. Even when the other guys have closed for the day, weekend, or a holiday, a BlueSky Locksmith technician is standing by to help. Home, business, and auto locksmiths rush to your location anywhere in Seattle when you call us for service. We help customers out of those moments that leave them in a bind with efficient, fast service with a smile. Call us anytime lock problems cause trouble.

What To Expect From Our Emergency Locksmith Services

When you call BlueSky Locksmith, we come to you prepared to work. We bring all the tools and components necessary to repair, replace, or otherwise service your needs. No matter what time you call us, we’ll come to your Seattle-area location with enthusiasm and professionalism. Lock issues cause so much frustration, especially if they occur after normal business hours. We aim to alleviate as much of the stress and frustration for our customers as possible. Helping people out of difficult situations is what we love to do at Blue Sky Locksmith.

Our commercial locksmith handles business lock needs, whether you need high-security locks, access control locks, or sustain a lockout or other problem. Our residential locksmith helps with any number of lock needs, whether you want new locks or need repairs. Our car locksmith handles lock mishaps like broken key extraction, key duplication, and lockouts. Each of these technicians is ready to come to the rescue any time of the day or night.

We’d love to show you why Blue Sky Locksmith is the Seattle locksmith company people choose more often than the competition. We take our job seriously and vow to exceed expectations when you trust us during one of your most vulnerable moments in life.

Seattle Locksmith Services

Our emergency locksmith service caters to every customer and every need. Some of the services available include:

Lockout Service: Lockouts occur when we lock keys inside the vehicle, business, or house. It is frustrating, time-consuming, and stressful when a lockout occurs, but one our experts can resolve. Do not attempt to get back inside without professional help. Damage and other frustrations may likely result if you attempt DIY work. Call us for a fast lockout service 24-hours per day. If you are locked out, we’ll get you back in without damaging your property.

Ignition Switch Repair: Ignition switch damage leaves drivers stranded at their location at the time of the incident. When the ignition switch becomes damaged, do not expect this component to work properly, if it works at all. Our talented technicians offer ignition switch repair. We’ll repair any problem with your ignition switch!

Rekey Service: Rekey service changes the cylinders inside of a lock so current keys no longer open the lock. It is cheaper to rekey a lock than reinstall an entirely new system. Rekey service helps landlords, business owners, and others seeking upgraded locks at a reduced cost. Rekey service is used for many reasons. One of the most common is when a person has a copy of your key that you do not want to access your home.

Key Extraction: When keys break off in locks or otherwise become stuck, extracting them using objects lying around the house or in the car might seem like a good idea, but in reality, they often cause more damage than help. Call us to extract your key. We can even create another one to replace the broken key!

New Lock Installation: Why would you ever need a new lock installation after regular business hours? The endless possibilities range from a break-in or burglary situations to old worn-out locks that simply break at the worst time. We offer an assortment of quality locks for all doors, even when the other guys have gone home for the day or cannot get to your location fast enough.

Lock Repair: Repair is sometimes possible if a lock breaks or sustains other types of damage. Repair is cheaper than replacement in most cases. It takes less time as well. If your lock breaks and you’d like to repair it instead of replacing it, give one of our technicians a call. We’ll determine if the lock is repairable and schedule a time for service.

This list contains some of the most popular services offered by BlueSky Locksmith in Seattle Washington. If your service isn’t listed above, give us a call. We complete all lock mishaps at your home, business, and with your car, including lock problems not listed above. We’d love to get your lock problem resolved so you can get back to your regularly scheduled day without worry, frustration, or concern over the locks.

Emergency Locksmith Service in Seattle Cost

Give us a call to request your free no-obligation quote. This quote gives you a clear idea of costs of service based upon your location and the specific type of service you require. We’re proud of our low rates and think you’ll like what you see. Use the quote to compare costs with other area providers. Our competitive rates and professional service keep customers happy. If you find better prices elsewhere, there is no hard feelings.

BlueSky Locksmith offers emergency lock services for home, business, and auto. We understand how frustrating lock issues are, especially when they occur after normal business hours. If you face a lock problem, do not go it alone when our technicians are standing by to help no matter what time of the day or night. Do not allow lock issues to cause more trouble during your day when we have the resolution for any problem that you face.

  • Our emergency locksmith service is available 24-hours per day, 7-days per week. We come to your location any time of the day or night, rescuing you from any emergency lock situation. BlueSky Locksmith offer service on weekend and we are open on holidays, too.
  • Free quotes, reasonable rates on all our locksmith services. Request your free quote with one phone call. We’d also be happy to answer any questions or provide more information about our services.
  • Commercial, residential, and auto locksmith available. No matter what the lock problem, we have a locksmith on hand who can take care of the issue.
  • We stand behind our work. Do not spend your hard-earned money on service from a company that isn’t confident enough to stand behind their work.
  • Experienced technicians use state of the art tools and equipment
  • Professional and reliable technicians with plenty of industry expertise
  • We never cut corners. When you call BlueSky Locksmith, we do things the right way, the first time around.

Contact Us Today

You can go to our contact page or give us a call: 206-659-6155 We will have service techs ready to help you when you need it.

Key Duplication Seattle WA Services

Key Duplication Services

Key Duplication Services

Key Duplication Services

While you may only need one key to unlock a car door, the front door of your home, or your office door at work, it is always nice to have duplicates. After all, once you realize your keys are missing, your life turns into one big chaotic search that often ends with fruitless results. Whether you need extra keys just for yourself or for your family members or other employees, making sure you have plenty of duplicate keys can make life easier. Though you may be able to find a key-making kiosk in an out-of-the-way convenience store or perhaps get new keys made at a big-box store, these keys don’t always turn out as expected. Unfortunately, you won’t learn that until you realize you can’t get into your car when leaving work or that your brand-new key won’t open your front door. When you are in need of key duplication services, it is still always best to have this done by a trained locksmith, which is why you should give us a call here at Blue Sky Locksmith.

All Types of Keys

When you try to have keys duplicated at a self-serve kiosk or in a store that only offers this service on a limited basis, chances are there will be numerous types of keys they will not be able to duplicate. However, here at Blue Sky Locksmith, we can easily handle virtually any type of key you may need duplicated. Between our many years of experience in the locksmith industry and using the latest equipment such as laser key cutting devices and other state-of-the-art equipment, we can combine technology and years of know-how to give you the keys you need in a quick and efficient manner. Whether it is specialized keys for your vehicle, standard house or office keys, or other types of specialty keys for even the most complex or rarest of locks, we at Blue Sky Locksmith in Seattle are up to the challenge.

Our Mobile Locksmith Service

When you need keys duplicated, you shouldn’t have to worry about driving around Seattle or other nearby areas trying to find a place that offers this service. Since you have a very busy schedule personally and professionally, make your first and only phone call to us here at Blue Sky Locksmith. Since we are a fully-mobile locksmith service that offers a wide array of services in addition to key duplication, we can come to you instead. In fact, whether you happen to be in downtown Seattle or elsewhere in nearby cities such as Everett or Tacoma, Blue Sky Locksmith can help get you the keys you need when you need them most. Since we make customer service such a high priority, customers located in Seattle can expect us to arrive within 15 minutes of being called, ensuring we won’t leave you standing around waiting for an hour or more in a dark parking lot or outside your home.

24-Hour Service

Though most people think key duplication services only need to be done during normal business hours, that is not always how it goes. Should you find yourself suddenly unable to locate your keys or have one break off inside a lock while working an overnight shift or getting home late after a business trip or vacation, you know it’s impossible to simply wait around until the next morning to get the problem solved. While you may take a look at ads for other locksmiths online or in the phone book, you’ll probably find many either don’t offer 24-hour locksmith service in Seattle or charge you excessive fees if they are called out late. However, if you bypass these companies and instead place your phone call as well as your trust with us at Blue Sky Locksmith, you’ll gain immediate peace of mind. No matter whether it is the middle of a weekday or late-night on a weekend or even a holiday, you can count on us to give you the service you need and deserve. Best of all, we won’t even charge you those high extra fees for doing so, which will make that smile on your face just a bit bigger.

Commercial Key Duplication

Since security has become a much bigger concern for businesses and other public facilities in recent years, the locks used on doors and other areas have become much more sophisticated along the way. In addition, a greater emphasis has been placed on making sure essential personnel have the keys needed in the event of an emergency. Since paying attention to even the slightest of details may potentially save a life in these situations, look to us here at Blue Sky Locksmith to make sure you and others have the keys you need. Once you turn to us here at Blue Sky, you’ll find we can help with many services related to key duplication, such as:

  • Installation of new locks
  • Assisting with lockouts
  • Repairing and rekeying existing locks
  • Performing security evaluations

With any of these services that are directly related to commercial facilities, we take our job very seriously. Since there are an ever-increasing number of new locks on the market today for commercial facilities, it is crucial you place your trust with a locksmith who has the latest training and experience handling complex jobs such as these. When you want the best, call us here at Blue Sky Locksmith.

Affordable Rates

While duplicating keys is something a trained locksmith can do somewhat easily, that does not always translate to customers being charged a reasonable and affordable rate. In many instances when customers contact a locksmith for key duplication, the prices they are quoted are far more than they anticipated. However, knowing they are desperate for their keys, they ultimately hand over the money. Here at Blue Sky Locksmith, we take a much different approach to helping our customers. To begin with, we always offer affordable rates for our services, and always make sure the price we initially quote our customers is the price they pay once the job is finished. In addition, we also take the time to answer any questions our customers may have, and are always willing to offer suggestions when needed. Rather than take advantage of customers who are in a bind, we instead choose to treat each and every customer the way we would wish to be treated when facing a similar situation. Because of this, our customer base continues to grow year after year.

Certifications and Licensing

As Blue Sky Locksmith has grown over the years, we have added numerous individuals to our staff. However, this does not mean our standards have declined. In fact, as we have gained more and more customers in recent years, we have taken many steps to ensure all our locksmiths have the qualifications needed to help our customers with virtually anything they need. Once you give us a call, you can be confident knowing the locksmith who arrives at your location will always be:

  • Professionally certified
  • Licensed by the state of Washington
  • Insured
  • Bonded

Knowing our reputation is at stake each time we help a customer, Blue Sky Locksmith is committed to doing all we can to have locksmiths who exhibit not only the most advanced skills in the industry, but also perform each job with the utmost of professionalism and courtesy.

Safety and Peace of Mind

If there is one thing that will always give you, your family, and even your employees a greater feeling of safety as well as peace of mind, it is knowing everyone has the keys they need to gain entry to vehicles, homes, or businesses. Rather than try to get by with only a minimum of keys and hope one or two don’t get lost along the way, call on us here at Blue Sky Locksmith to duplicate whatever keys you use on a daily basis. As we stated earlier, losing even one key can result in hours of searching and far more stress than you need in your life. By taking advantage of our reasonable rates, fast and courteous service, and much more, you’ll never have to worry about having the keys you need.

Whether you have a fleet of company vehicles that all need keys or just want an extra key or two for you family, rely on us here at Blue Sky Locksmith. Should you need our services, contact us online at blueskylocksmith.com/contact/ or call us anytime at 206-659-6115.

We appreciate the opportunity to help!

Key Copy Seattle WA Services

Seattle Key Copy Services

Seattle Key Copy Services

Blue Sky Locksmith: Key Copying Services

If there is one thing that can be frustrating and put a damper on your day, it is realizing you have lost the keys to your car or your home’s doors. When this occurs, you will not only still need to find your way into your car and home, but also need new keys made along the way. When facing such a situation, it is always best to call on the services of a professional locksmith who has the training and experience needed to get the job done correctly and quickly. When you are in need of key copying services due to lost keys or simply when you need some extra keys made for yourself or others, give us a call here at Blue Sky Locksmith in Seattle.

We Come to You

For many people who need key copying services, they usually think they have to go directly to a business to get this service. However, when you contact us here at Blue Sky Locksmith, we come directly to your location. Since we are a full-service mobile locksmith, we can meet you at your home, place of business, or even the parking lot where you may be stranded. Whether you need keys for your home, car, or business, our mobile locksmith unit can get your keys made in a matter of minutes, ensuring you’ll soon be behind the wheel of your vehicle or stepping through the door of your home or business.

Commercial and Residential Key Copying

When you call on us here at Blue Sky Locksmith, you will soon discover we offer both commercial and residential key copying services. In fact, we can copy a key for almost anything, including:

  • Vehicles
  • Homes
  • Businesses

From your front door to a back door or even the door to a stockroom at your business, we can get you the keys you need and guarantee they will work just as well as the originals. In fact, even if the key you need happens to be an older key, we can usually make a duplicate that will solve your problem in no time.

The Latest Technology

While key copying services have been around for many years, the technology used to create new keys has changed dramatically. While the days of a locksmith having to manually create a new key by hand are in the past, today’s locksmiths rely on innovative technology using laser-cutting and other state-of-the-art methods to cut keys precisely and quickly. As locks have evolved over the years, so have keys. Since many of today’s locks are far more sophisticated than ones in years past, keys that are copied must be done so to exact specifications to ensure they will work well for a long time. Once we arrive at your location with our mobile unit, we can get right to work determining the type of key you need and using our training, experience, and advanced equipment to get the job done.

24-Hour Locksmith Service

If you happen to lose the keys to your car in the middle of the night, find yourself with a key broken off in your home’s front door, or realize you need a key at your business after-hours, you may think you are out of luck when it comes to getting a new key made. While you could try calling the first locksmith whose ad you happen to see in the yellow pages or through an online search, there is no guarantee they will help you late at night or on a weekend or holiday, much less have the knowledge needed to give you a duplicate key that perfectly matches the original. However, as customers who have called us here at Blue Sky Locksmith know, we can be counted on to provide prompt and courteous 24-hour service throughout the Seattle area. Even if you are preparing to head off to see your family over the holidays, we can come to your location, get you the keys you need, and let you enjoy the holidays with peace of mind.

Only Need One Key? No Problem

Here at Blue Sky Locksmith, our philosophy is that no job is too big or small for us to handle. In fact, we’re willing to travel almost anywhere in our service area to help customers who may need only one key, including such areas as:

  • Seattle
  • Tacoma
  • Everett

Even if you are not in these specific cities, don’t let that stop you from giving us a call. Since our locksmiths are flexible and make customer service a top priority each and every day, we are always willing to make slight adjustments to our service area in order to help customers who are in need of immediate assistance. Thus, whether you only need one key for your vehicle or home or perhaps need dozens of keys copied for your business or other facility, place your trust and confidence in us here at Blue Sky Locksmith.

Fast Response Times

When you need keys copied for your vehicle, home, or business, you don’t have time to stand around and wait for the job to get done. We realize this at Blue Sky, which is why we feel our mobile units give us a distinct advantage over our competitors. Once you contact us, tell us what you need, and give us your location, our technicians can get into one of our modern mobile units and be at your location most likely within 15 minutes. Since we can get to you quickly, it is likely we can also complete the task at hand quickly as well. Before you know it, our professional and certified locksmith will be finished and putting new keys in your hand.

Don’t Use the Wrong Key

When you do need key copying services, don’t make the mistake of thinking you can take another key and somehow force it into your car’s ignition switch or a door at your home or business. While this may sound like a viable option in a moment of panic, the fact is you will only be creating an additional and more complex problem that will need to be fixed once we arrive at your location. Should you try to force the wrong key into a lock, chances are it will break off inside the lock, get stuck inside the lock, or severely damage the existing lock. If any of these situations occur, you will need our services here at Blue Sky Locksmith for more than simply key copying. By calling us immediately and explaining your problem, we can advise you on what to do and not do until we arrive to offer assistance.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Being a local business in the Seattle area, we at Blue Sky Locksmith have from day one realized how important it is to offer excellent customer service on large jobs as well as small ones. Always striving to do our very best each and every time, we believe our commitment to excellence regarding customer service cannot be matched by any other locksmiths in the area. Since all of our locksmiths are fully-certified, bonded and insured, and trained in the latest procedures designed to make sure all goes well from start to finish, you can be sure our key copying and other services will be to your satisfaction.

Give Blue Sky a Call

As most people know when they look around and see blue skies, great peace of mind usually follows. The same applies when you call on us here at Blue Sky Locksmith for your key copying and other related services, since we do all we can to make your experience with us as pleasant as possible. Should you be in need of our key copying services or have other situations requiring the expertise of a locksmith, call us today at 206-659-6115 or visit blueskylocksmith.com.

24-Hour Locksmith Seattle WA Services

24 hour locksmith in Seattle Washington

24 hour locksmith in Seattle Washington

In many cases where people may need a locksmith, it may not be during the normal 9-5 business day. In fact, many situations where a locksmith is called happen at various times of the day and night, which may also include weekends and holidays. Whether a person is leaving work and suddenly realizes they are locked out of their car at midnight, returns home to find they can’t they unlock their front door, or perhaps has a key break off inside a lock and thus rendering it useless, these and other situations require the services of a professional locksmith who has years of knowledge and experience. If you find yourself in need of 24/7 locksmith services you can trust to arrive quickly, do the job right the first time, and charge you a reasonable price, contact us here at Blue Sky Locksmith.

Why Blue Sky Locksmith?

With our many years of experience and commitment to providing excellent customer service on jobs large and small, we at Blue Sky Locksmith believe you’ll get the best service in Seattle once you give us a call. Since we offer a 24-hour mobile locksmith service, you can be sure that no matter your situation, we can be there in an instant. In many cases, we can reach our customers within 15 minutes, no matter where you happen to be located in Seattle. Also, since we are a local business, we know our reputation is at stake each time we help a customer. Whether you simply need your car door opened in the middle of the night or need some locks repaired at your business, you can rely on us here at Blue Sky Locksmith.

Emergency Services

In our line of work, we deal with many customers each day who find themselves facing an emergency of some sort. From being unable to get in their car to go to work one morning, having a door shut behind them while their keys are still inside their home or office, or being unable to find a key no matter how hard they search, these and other situations can turn an ordinary day into one filled with stress and worry. However, once you call us here at Blue Sky Locksmith, you can breathe easy and relax, knowing help is on the way. While our locksmiths may not arrive on a white horse, you will nevertheless know they are there to save the day (or night). Having extensive experience dealing with many different situations, our locksmiths can fix the problem in a matter of minutes, letting you get on with your life. Professional and courteous, we at Blue Sky Locksmith will always make sure you are never sleepless in Seattle worrying about your keys and locks.

Minimal or No Damage

When you call a locksmith, you may think they will leave the locks on your car or at your home or office damaged afterwards. However, that’s not how we operate here at Blue Sky Locksmith. In fact, we guarantee minimal or no damage whatsoever to your car, home or office door, or other property while we are enacting the necessary repairs. This applies to all our services, including:

  • Unlocking car doors
  • Extracting broken keys from ignition switches
  • Unlocking doors at homes or businesses
  • Installation of new locks

No matter your issue with a lock or key, we at Blue Sky Locksmith can get the job done so that it will appear as if no problem ever existed.

No Extra Fees

When you need a locksmith to help you out in an emergency, one of the first thoughts that goes through your mind is how much will making that service call cost you. Unfortunately, many locksmiths realize they have you over a barrel, and may use this to take advantage of desperate customers by charging extra fees for after-hours service. Because of this, many people often try to unlock their car doors or doors at their home or business themselves, which is almost always unsuccessful and results in further damage to a lock or door. However, since customer service is our top priority here at Blue Sky Locksmith, you won’t have to worry about being charged extra fees. Whether you call on us at 3 p.m or 3 a.m., you will be charged a fair and reasonable rate that will not change from the price we initially quote you over the phone.

Additional Services

Along with the usual locksmith services of unlocking car doors and front doors to homes, we at Blue Sky Locksmith also offer a variety of additional services many customers may not realize exist. Some of these include:

  • Garage door service
  • Security camera installation and service
  • Lock rekeying
  • Commercial high-security lock installations
  • Install and service electric and biometric locks

Whether it is at your home or place of business, you can count on us here at Blue Sky Locksmith to take care of even the most complex problems involving keys, locks, and more.

Professional Certification

When you call on a locksmith day or night, the last thing you want is having someone show up at your location who does not possess the knowledge and experience needed to properly handle the situation. Thus, don’t just call the first locksmith you happen to find online or in the phone book. Instead, call on us here at Blue Sky Locksmith. Possessing professional certification as well as the latest training within the locksmith industry, you can be sure that when we drive up and say hello, you will have a true professional ready to assist you. Fully-licensed by the state of Washington, we at Blue Sky Locksmith take our profession very seriously, and always strive to complete each job as quickly and as professionally as possible.

100% Mobile Service

Whether you need automotive, residential, or commercial locksmith services day or night, the good news is that Blue Sky Locksmith is a 100% mobile locksmith service. Because of this, you’ll know that once we arrive in our unmistakable company vehicles, the locksmith assisting you will have everything they need to complete the job. Should you give other locksmith services a call, you might be out of luck. After all, you sure don’t want to have a situation where a locksmith gets halfway through the process of unlocking your car, only to realize they don’t have a necessary tool with them. By calling us here at Blue Sky Locksmith, we guarantee our Seattle locksmiths will arrive at your location fully-prepared with the tools and supplies necessary to solve your problem.

No Job Too Big or Small

From opening up a locked file cabinet or window to installing high-tech commercial locks at an office complex, there is no job that is too big or small for us to handle here at Blue Sky Locksmith. Rather than try to handle something yourself only to realize you ultimately have to call in a professional, save yourself the time and hassle and let us at Blue Sky handle it for you.

Contact Us

Should you need expert locksmith services any time of the day or night, contact us here at Blue Sky Locksmith in Seattle or give us a call at 206-659-6115.

Reliable Seattle Locksmith Services!

Automotive Locksmith Seattle WA Services

Automotive locksmith

Automotive locksmith key replacement services

On average, it rains 152 days per year in Seattle. Out of 365-days in a calendar year, 226 of those in Seattle are cloudy. Gloomy, dark, rainy weather does not affect Seattle residents who have grown accustomed to the days, but exceptions do exist. For example, if you encounter automotive lock problems and it is raining outside, it makes the problems 10 times worse. That is why calling BlueSky Locksmith for all your automotive lock needs is a good idea. We promptly respond to all calls, offering fast repairs so you are back on the road before the weather has time to negatively impact the day more than lock problems have.

Available 24-hours per day, 7-days per week, our licensed, insured automotive locksmiths provide professional, prompt service for all vehicle makes and models. Whether you need minor services like a key replacement or major services like lockout assistance, we rush to your location with state-of-the-art tools and equipment to get the job done.

Yes, we are locksmiths by profession but we’re also Seattle locals who depend on expert service for many of our needs. We understand what it is like to be on the receiving end of the stick. That is why we take the time to provide each customer with personalized service that meets their needs. We never cut corners or rush through the work, but instead, take time to address your concerns and ensure efficient repair before we move onto the next job. Expect friendly professionals eager to repair, replace, or otherwise service your car locksmith issues when you call BlueSky Locksmith in Seattle.

Why DIY Auto Locksmith Service is a Bad Idea

Some problems that occur with your automotive lock system may seem like simple fixes from the outside looking in. We all like to think that we can do just about anything we set our minds too. But the truth is, locks are complex and require expert service to ensure quality work. You might soon learn that you are in over your head if you attempt DIY auto lock repairs, especially when you are frustrated and stressed already. DIY auto locksmith service is a bad idea. Some of the reasons you should call BlueSky Locksmith rather than attempt DIY auto lock repairs:

  • People look out for neighbors and friends and even strangers. If they see you attempting to ‘break-in’ your own car, the police may very well show up at the scene. This only frustrates things even more.
  • With help from a locksmith, you will not damage your vehicle doors or windows. DIY locksmith work often causes more problems and more expensive than you started with. Call a professional from the start to forego such concern.
  • Are you equipped with locksmith tools to handle your need? Most people do not carry such items around in their car, making it impossible to tend to their lock issues and needs.
  • Time is of the essence, especially if you are broke down on the side of the road. You will be back on the road again in no time with the help experienced locksmiths bring to the job.
  • Locksmiths are experts who understand lock problems. They can repair, replace, or install when you need the service, or they can handle other service needs.

This list includes some of the biggest reasons BlueSky Locksmith is the trusted automotive locksmith to call in your time of need.

Car Lockout Service

Locking yourself out of the car is embarrassing, we get it. But what’s even worse is attempting DIY work or wasting time because you are too embarrassed to call us for help. Everyone has locked themselves out of their cars. It happens to the best of us. Laugh, give us a call and get back in your car. It’s not the end of the world. Besides, once you call us, our expert locksmiths will get you back in the car and on the road in a matter of minutes, instantly relieving worry, and stress.

Key Duplication

Getting a new or duplicate car key is not cheap, especially if you take your needs to a dealership or are without the original key. Our quality key duplication service is the answer. We can make keys for almost any vehicle at a fraction of the cost of dealership service. Our keys work just as well as keys made at a dealership. We will come to your location to cut and create a key in minutes. Whether you’ve lost your car key or want a second or third for protection, other drivers, or other reasons, BlueSky Locksmith has your needs covered.

Key Extraction

We never expect keys to break off in a door or the ignition, but it happens. When it happens, removing the key is not simple. Attempting DIY removal may result in significantly more damage than you anticipated. We bring the proper tools to your Seattle location, removing the broken key without damaging the vehicle or any components.

Need automotive locksmith services not listed above? Give us a call. This is a short list of services available to our Seattle customers. Whenever lock problems cause concern, our expert locksmiths have the remedy. We take the time to properly service your locks so no further problems stand in the way of your great day. Lock issues like those above are frustrating but with the right experts available, it’s not such a stressful experience.

Get Low-Cost Seattle Auto Locksmith Service in Seattle Wa

Along with the above-mentioned qualities, BlueSky Locksmith in Seattle offers competitive pricing on all our services. See for yourself when you request a free, no-obligation quote. We believe in all-around customer excellence that makes you happy at a time when that is not so simple. Customers value quality work at affordable rates and we proudly give each person who calls us for help these qualities.

Mobile Locksmith Seattle WA

mobile locksmith

mobile locksmith

Lock problems interfere with our day in unimaginable ways. We often take the locks for granted, until a problem occurs. It is at that time we truly understand the importance of our locks. When lock issues impact your day, BlueSky Locksmith is the Seattle mobile locksmith you can count on for expert service.

Whether you need help with deadbolt installation, lockout service, or other problems, our expert locksmiths respond to your needs any time of the day or night. This includes weekends and during the middle of the night mishaps. We promptly respond and make fast, efficient repairs that do not take up more of your day than it has already.

We are in business to take care of locks and lock problems. Locks protect your home, business, and automobile. We protect your locks. Licensed, bonded, and insured, you can count on BlueSky Locksmith to serve as your mobile locksmith Seattle any time lock issues threaten the day or night. We are not the average Seattle locksmith company nor do we desire to fit that standard. Our mobile locksmith service exceeds standards and we’re proud of that.

We look forward to serving your needs!

Types of Mobile Locksmith Service

Our mobile service is quick and convenient. Just call and tell us where you are and what type of problem is affecting your day. We will rush to your location with the tools and equipment to repair the problem that’s stopped your day. Minor need or major concern, our mobile locksmith Seattle is the expert with the perfect resolution to the problem. We have the locksmith expert on hand ready to answer your call anytime you need service. Take a look at what we offer at BlueSky Locksmith:

  • Auto Locksmith: BlueSky has an auto locksmith available 24/7. He’ll rush to your location anywhere in Seattle with a fast response time. Many locks mishaps cause concern for drivers. Lockouts are among the most common issue. This occurs when you lock the keys inside the car. You may also need a locksmith to copy a car key, to extract a broken key, or
  • House Locksmith: Many problems around the home require BlueSky Locksmith experts for a resolution. Just as a lockout can occur in the car, it can too impact your home. Additionally, some homeowners want patio door locks, window locks, front door key extraction, or one of the dozens of other services. We come to help with these and other issues when the problem occurs.
  • Commercial Locksmith: Locks protect your business from so many ‘what-if’s’ in life. So many people out there are ready to take what they can from you at any cost. Locks ensure you fight back and stop it from happening. Our commercial locksmith caters to locks at your business, whether it is an office, a warehouse, or another facility. We can install access control locks, security systems, and, of course, offer lockout service in the event this issue occurs.
  • Emergency Locksmith: Our emergency locksmith offers service any time you call. When mishaps occur after normal business hours, you need our Seattle emergency locksmith for help. For a small service fee, you will see one of our locksmiths by your side in minutes after you call us for help.

List of Locksmith Services

Our mobile locksmith Seattle can repair, replace, install, or service any lock problem that may interfere with your life. Our list of services includes, but is not limited to:

  • Lock rekeying service
  • Key duplication
  • Lockout service
  • Key extraction service
  • Lock repair
  • Ignition repair
  • Lock replacement
  • Lock installation
  • High-security lock installation
  • Window and patio door lock installation and repair

Don’t see your service listed above? Just give us a call. We promptly fix all locksmith problems. Minor and major lock woes do not stand a chance when our locksmiths are on the job. Let’s talk about your locksmith needs today!

Locksmith Service Cost

Reasonable pricing is the heart of our business. We understand that you work hard for every penny you earn. Unexpected fees such as the need for a locksmith can affect your budget. Our reasonable rates ensure that lock problems and professional locksmith service never put you in a bind. We charge flat rate fees for most of our services, including emergency service. You can count on BlueSky Locksmith to provide you with some of the best Seattle locksmith rates around, but do not take our word for it.

Get a free quote upon request. Use the quote to compare costs with Seattle locksmiths. When you hire BlueSky, we want you to do so with complete confidence that we will exceed expectations and treat you right. Comparing our services and costs with the competition gives you that confidence to hire us with pride. We’d love to show you why we are a trusted mobile locksmith Seattle if you need service.

Why Call a Mobile Locksmith In Seattle WA?

DIY lock repairs, installations, and service often end badly. So often, a call is made to a locksmith to repair the initial damage and the damage caused after DIY repair. Your day is too short and money to precious to take such a risk. Call our locksmith from the jump and forget any worries. We take care of lock problems without adding more trouble to the situation. We arrive at the job prepared to work and ensure prompt, efficient work without any damages to your property. We come to the job with the tools and equipment to handle any problem, not to mention the expertise that ensures satisfactory service. We would love to show you why we’re a trusted Seattle locksmith if you need a mobile service.