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Key Duplication Services

Key Duplication Services

While you may only need one key to unlock a car door, the front door of your home, or your office door at work, it is always nice to have duplicates. After all, once you realize your keys are missing, your life turns into one big chaotic search that often ends with fruitless results. Whether you need extra keys just for yourself or for your family members or other employees, making sure you have plenty of duplicate keys can make life easier. Though you may be able to find a key-making kiosk in an out-of-the-way convenience store or perhaps get new keys made at a big-box store, these keys don’t always turn out as expected. Unfortunately, you won’t learn that until you realize you can’t get into your car when leaving work or that your brand-new key won’t open your front door. When you are in need of key duplication services, it is still always best to have this done by a trained locksmith, which is why you should give us a call here at Blue Sky Locksmith.

All Types of Keys

When you try to have keys duplicated at a self-serve kiosk or in a store that only offers this service on a limited basis, chances are there will be numerous types of keys they will not be able to duplicate. However, here at Blue Sky Locksmith, we can easily handle virtually any type of key you may need duplicated. Between our many years of experience in the locksmith industry and using the latest equipment such as laser key cutting devices and other state-of-the-art equipment, we can combine technology and years of know-how to give you the keys you need in a quick and efficient manner. Whether it is specialized keys for your vehicle, standard house or office keys, or other types of specialty keys for even the most complex or rarest of locks, we at Blue Sky Locksmith in Seattle are up to the challenge.

Our Mobile Locksmith Service

When you need keys duplicated, you shouldn’t have to worry about driving around Seattle or other nearby areas trying to find a place that offers this service. Since you have a very busy schedule personally and professionally, make your first and only phone call to us here at Blue Sky Locksmith. Since we are a fully-mobile locksmith service that offers a wide array of services in addition to key duplication, we can come to you instead. In fact, whether you happen to be in downtown Seattle or elsewhere in nearby cities such as Everett or Tacoma, Blue Sky Locksmith can help get you the keys you need when you need them most. Since we make customer service such a high priority, customers located in Seattle can expect us to arrive within 15 minutes of being called, ensuring we won’t leave you standing around waiting for an hour or more in a dark parking lot or outside your home.

24-Hour Service

Though most people think key duplication services only need to be done during normal business hours, that is not always how it goes. Should you find yourself suddenly unable to locate your keys or have one break off inside a lock while working an overnight shift or getting home late after a business trip or vacation, you know it’s impossible to simply wait around until the next morning to get the problem solved. While you may take a look at ads for other locksmiths online or in the phone book, you’ll probably find many either don’t offer 24-hour locksmith service in Seattle¬†or charge you excessive fees if they are called out late. However, if you bypass these companies and instead place your phone call as well as your trust with us at Blue Sky Locksmith, you’ll gain immediate peace of mind. No matter whether it is the middle of a weekday or late-night on a weekend or even a holiday, you can count on us to give you the service you need and deserve. Best of all, we won’t even charge you those high extra fees for doing so, which will make that smile on your face just a bit bigger.

Commercial Key Duplication

Since security has become a much bigger concern for businesses and other public facilities in recent years, the locks used on doors and other areas have become much more sophisticated along the way. In addition, a greater emphasis has been placed on making sure essential personnel have the keys needed in the event of an emergency. Since paying attention to even the slightest of details may potentially save a life in these situations, look to us here at Blue Sky Locksmith to make sure you and others have the keys you need. Once you turn to us here at Blue Sky, you’ll find we can help with many services related to key duplication, such as:

  • Installation of new locks
  • Assisting with lockouts
  • Repairing and rekeying existing locks
  • Performing security evaluations

With any of these services that are directly related to commercial facilities, we take our job very seriously. Since there are an ever-increasing number of new locks on the market today for commercial facilities, it is crucial you place your trust with a locksmith who has the latest training and experience handling complex jobs such as these. When you want the best, call us here at Blue Sky Locksmith.

Affordable Rates

While duplicating keys is something a trained locksmith can do somewhat easily, that does not always translate to customers being charged a reasonable and affordable rate. In many instances when customers contact a locksmith for key duplication, the prices they are quoted are far more than they anticipated. However, knowing they are desperate for their keys, they ultimately hand over the money. Here at Blue Sky Locksmith, we take a much different approach to helping our customers. To begin with, we always offer affordable rates for our services, and always make sure the price we initially quote our customers is the price they pay once the job is finished. In addition, we also take the time to answer any questions our customers may have, and are always willing to offer suggestions when needed. Rather than take advantage of customers who are in a bind, we instead choose to treat each and every customer the way we would wish to be treated when facing a similar situation. Because of this, our customer base continues to grow year after year.

Certifications and Licensing

As Blue Sky Locksmith has grown over the years, we have added numerous individuals to our staff. However, this does not mean our standards have declined. In fact, as we have gained more and more customers in recent years, we have taken many steps to ensure all our locksmiths have the qualifications needed to help our customers with virtually anything they need. Once you give us a call, you can be confident knowing the locksmith who arrives at your location will always be:

  • Professionally certified
  • Licensed by the state of Washington
  • Insured
  • Bonded

Knowing our reputation is at stake each time we help a customer, Blue Sky Locksmith is committed to doing all we can to have locksmiths who exhibit not only the most advanced skills in the industry, but also perform each job with the utmost of professionalism and courtesy.

Safety and Peace of Mind

If there is one thing that will always give you, your family, and even your employees a greater feeling of safety as well as peace of mind, it is knowing everyone has the keys they need to gain entry to vehicles, homes, or businesses. Rather than try to get by with only a minimum of keys and hope one or two don’t get lost along the way, call on us here at Blue Sky Locksmith to duplicate whatever keys you use on a daily basis. As we stated earlier, losing even one key can result in hours of searching and far more stress than you need in your life. By taking advantage of our reasonable rates, fast and courteous service, and much more, you’ll never have to worry about having the keys you need.

Whether you have a fleet of company vehicles that all need keys or just want an extra key or two for you family, rely on us here at Blue Sky Locksmith. Should you need our services, contact us online at or call us anytime at 206-659-6115.

We appreciate the opportunity to help!

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